Friends of Mental Health America of Fredericksburg have kindly offered their tips on how to cope with the holidays.

Linda Lafave, LPC reminds us that its important to maintain your routines, even during the busy holiday season. As well as alternatives to traditional gift giving.

  • “Maintain self care, as in don’t let your exercise routine(s) go”
  • “Stay committed to healthful eating”
  • “Drink hot herbal teas to stay hydrated in cold weather”
  • “Agreement for gift giving (monetary limit, must be consumable, must be recyclable, etc.)
  • “Sponsor a family in need instead of giving gifts to friends”


Christ Carver, CNS suggests keeping things in perspective.

  • “Getting rid of gift giving helps, or focusing on gifts for children only”
  • “Surprise someone who needs a lift. The feeling stays with you long after the holiday”
  • “Try not to idealize the time. Other people are NOT having a better time than you, despite what Facebook might portray”
  • “Get out in nature or go to a movie”


Delise B. Dickard, LPC wrote “If holiday traditions stress you out, change them” for the Free Lance-Star a few years ago offering five tips on how to alleviate holiday stress. Since writing this article, Delise B. Dickard has moved to Camellia Cottage in downtown Fredericksburg and is no longer at Riverside Counseling.

  • “Consider what you have to give. That’s right. Consider yourself first.”
  • “If you are a parent, think of your kids and your immediate family first.”
  • “Consider changing traditions to accommodate family needs.”
  • “Make a plan for handling those guests who are just plain difficult to be around during the holidays.”
  • “Keep in mind, the season won’t feel the same if you are facing a first holiday after a loss.”

Read the complete article  with more information here.

How do you find peace during the stressful holiday season?