Public Policy

Mental Health America of Fredericksburg (MHAF) volunteers and staff monitor state and federal policies that impact mental health issues locally and maintain strong ties with our representatives in the Virginia General Assembly and Congress. In partnership with Mental Health America affiliates across the Commonwealth and other mental health advocacy organizations, MHAF participates in prioritizing the legislative agenda and advocates for issues to improve the quality of life for persons with mental health needs and their families. MHAF also serves as an information resource on mental health issues for the media and other community agencies.

Community Outreach

Mental Health America of Fredericksburg’s efforts to reach individuals in the community to meet our vision of changing minds and changing lives.

  • Advocacy, individual and public policy, to improve access to mental health treatment services.
  • Programs, such as Senior Visitors and Suicide Prevention Education, to serve and educate the public.
  • Organized free non-therapeutic, professionally facilitated support groups available for teens and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar, and suicide loss.
  • Media outreach through letters to the editors, facts sheets for articles about mental illness.
  • Public education and literature distribution to promote awareness and understanding of mental health so desperately needed to combat stigma and nurture recovery via health fairs and community events.
  • Annual Walk for Mental Wellness – the second Saturday of May.
  • A mental health provider list the was developed collaboratively and maintained by MHAF.
  • For parents, children and youth, going back to school in the fall can be both exciting and stressful. Mental Health America has gathered some resources to help with topics like bullying, depression, substance abuse and emotional wellness. Check them out at:

Changing minds, changing lives.


Mental Health America of Fredericksburg exists to improve people’s mental health and wellness through advocacy, education and supportive services. Mental Health America of Fredericksburg, Inc. is a non profit US 501c3 charitable organization.


Phone: (540) 371-2704
Toll free: (800) 684-6423
Note: MHAF does not engage in or respond to mental health resource requests on social networks. For confidential assistance please call the Help Line at (540) 371-2704.