By: Theresa Smith – M.S. Psychology

Many of the effects discussed by medical officials and fitness experts extol the physical rewards a person can reap through regular exercise. The discussion does not often associate exercise with mental health, in either a positive or negative light, and thus many people do not consider there to be any association. However, there is a clear impact that the mind has on the body and vice-versa. The two are inexplicably linked; a person’s state of mind affects the functionality of their body, and issues of the body impacts a person’s mental function. Ergo, what benefits the body often benefits the mind in some capacity.

Exercise has many benefits to physical, psychological, social and overall health. Learn about how these benefits can help with anxiety, stress, depression, ptsd, trauma and ADHD. This thorough guide dives deep into methods and activities to help relieve stresses caused my mental imbalances.

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