Help Line

In order to provide accurate information to callers, Mental Health America of Fredericksburg (MHAF) maintains a listing of mental health professionals and agencies licensed by the State of Virginia who practice in the City of Fredericksburg, and counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford. The provider listing reflects information as reported by providers and agencies to MHAF since August 2013. Providers who have not updated their information are included in italics.

Mental health providers are listed alphabetically by name, followed by their licensure and/or certification and practice information. All information was self-reported by providers. Interest areas are listed alphabetically to ease identification of providers who can meet one’s specific needs. The range of costs can vary by provider, thus fees are not included. Most providers can receive third-party payments; individuals are encouraged to contact their own health insurance carriers for coverage benefits/limitations.

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Mental Health America of Fredericksburg exists to improve people’s mental health and wellness through advocacy, education and supportive services. Mental Health America of Fredericksburg, Inc. is a non profit US 501c3 charitable organization.


Phone: (540) 371-2704
Toll free: (800) 684-6423
Note: MHAF does not engage in or respond to mental health resource requests on social networks. For confidential assistance please call the Help Line at (540) 371-2704.